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Informative SEO Articles, Not Keyword-Obsessed Content

SEO should be invisible: to Google and to the everyday user.  As soon as you’re looking for a way to “fool” Google you’re going to be writing content and preparing SEO in a way that doesn’t anything but.  In my … Continue reading

Does Your WordPress Blog Have a Sitemap.xml File?

A sitemap is a file that allows for search engines to quickly and easily find newly published content on your web site or blog. The sitemap.xml file has been widely adopted as the industry standard among popular search engines including, … Continue reading

What to Expect from Search Engine Marketing

You may be at your wit’s end trying to get some decent visibility in search engines.  You’ve tried doing everything yourself: added the site to directories, written some useful and keyword-directed content, gotten some link trades with some relevant and … Continue reading

You’re Sabotaging Your Website’s Success!

Regardless of how much time a SEO spends optimizing a website, if they neglect to take care of the basics and smaller details, they can seriously impact a website’s ability to succeed. Sure, you may have spent several months testing … Continue reading

How to Write Decent Web Copy

I’d say there’s too much emphasis put on keywords and search engines.  What?  How can this be?  Because if your SEO writing is housed in God-awful writing, it’s not going to make much of a dent.  You have to realize … Continue reading