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Marketing Myths: Part 5—Design Is More Important Than Copy (Or The Other Way Around!)

The “Marketing Myths” series is pretty self-explanatory. It’s an ongoing series where I tackle some of the biggest myths I come across in my work as a copywriter/marketer. I do this to help others steer clear of bad marketing advice … Continue reading

Marketing Myths: Part 4—If Everyone Else Is Doing It, It Must Be Right

Bad marketing advice is all around us, and if you’re unable to know it when you see it, you could end up taking that bad advice and causing catastrophic damage to your brand. That’s what inspired me to start the … Continue reading

Marketing Myths: Part 2—The Customer Is Always Right

To combat the surplus of bad marketing information that’s all around us, I’ve started the “Marketing Myths” series. If you missed the first installment of the series, you can check it out here: Marketing Myths: Part 1—Every Customer Should Love … Continue reading

Marketing Myths: Part 1—Every Customer Should Love Your Brand

When you live and breathe marketing all day, every day like I do, you hear a ridiculous amount of mind-numbingly awful information. And it comes from all directions—self-proclaimed marketing gurus, clueless business owners, idiots with blogs (not me…I hope!), marketing … Continue reading

The Guitar Center Method of Winning Back Lost Online Shoppers

One of my hobbies is playing guitar. For the past 12 years or so, I’ve played in various bands, ranging from really awful rap-rock (it was the late 90s, cut me some slack!) to instrumental metal. I love playing guitar, … Continue reading