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5 Signs Your Website is Useless

Is your website useless? I mean, is it really doing anything for your company? Or is it just taking up space in the digital wasteland? Unfortunately, many businesses have useless websites. The typical company launches a website without much thought. … Continue reading

How to Improve Relationships with Your Best Customers

You might not say it, but you know that not all your customers are created equal. Some bring more value to your business than others. And you know that the key to really growing your business is to increase loyalty … Continue reading

5 Ways to Communicate More Effectively with Clients on the Phone

Even if you handle most of your client communications via email or other digital methods (such as social media), you likely have to speak to clients on the phone at least occasionally. And it’s in your best interest to make … Continue reading

How to Find Out What Your Customers Really Want

Most companies think they know which features and benefits customers are interested in when buying the products and services they offer. The truth? They don’t have a clue. Most companies are simply guessing, and they’re getting it wrong. As a … Continue reading

Why the Quality of Your Articles Matters

If you’re still using article marketing to build links and improve your search engine rankings, I’m not here to knock you. I know many would say that the Google Panda update killed most article marketing, but if you’re still seeing … Continue reading