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How To Get Backlinks and Traffic To Affiliate Based Sites?

On my blog I frequently open up the flood gates and allow for readers to ask me questions and I then provide them with a response. One of the questions asked was absolutely perfect to post here and share with … Continue reading

A Simple Yet Effective Link Building Technique That You Might Have Overlooked

Make no mistake folks, link building is a very important aspect in getting traffic from Google. Many of you guys and gals read my personal blog and I spend quite a bit of time talking about building micro niche blogs … Continue reading

Do Follow and No Follow Tags

On the surface. No Follow tags are a good idea.  The tag rel=”nofollow” was set up to beat comment spamming.  The point of the No Follow tag is to ensure that search engines do not follow the link to the … Continue reading

5 New School Link Building Techniques

As search engines evolve, so does the field of search engine optimization. For an example, let’s look at search engine submission. Although there was a point in time when this practice served a purpose, everyone who has a basic understanding … Continue reading

How to Handle Successful Linkbait

Last month, Tyler wrote a great post with tips to follow when linkbait doesn’t work. He also helped us understand the secret to coming up with linkbait. What does this mean? It means by now you should be more than … Continue reading