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Are You Welcoming Your Email List Subscribers?

According to EmailStatCenter, only 1 percent of 500 surveyed retailers are sending a welcome series to engage new email subscribers. And while 500 people might be a pretty small sample size, it’s large enough to know that a lot of … Continue reading

Does Your Email Marketing Offer Stand Up to the Others?

Too much email marketing is done in a vacuum. Companies bombard their subscribers with offers they think are great, but when they don’t get the response they’d hoped for, they wonder why. In some cases, they blame it on the … Continue reading

5 More Ways to Collect Email Addresses for Marketing

An email marketing campaign is only as effective as your list will allow it to be. You can have great offers presented in a clean format, but if you don’t have a good list to send it to, it’s all … Continue reading

What Can You Do To Win Back Inactive Email Subscribers?

Like it or not, your email campaign has them. Every email marketing campaign does. I’m talking about inactive subscribers. These are the people who have mentally and emotionally unsubscribed long ago, but they just haven’t gotten around to actually clicking … Continue reading

7 Ways to Get More From Your E-Newsletters

Despite the numerous reports of its death, email marketing is still alive and well. And when used properly, it can improve customer loyalty and drive up sales. Of course, at the core of most email marketing campaigns is the e-newsletter. … Continue reading