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Targeting Keywords That Are Grammatically Incorrect

As a copywriter, I get a lot of my work from SEO companies that need copy for their clients. Typically, they’ll send me an outline of what pages they need and which keywords need to be on each page. It’s … Continue reading

Are You Afraid to Make the Sale?

As a copywriter, I’m always working on sales copy for clients who need to get more leads and sales. Typically, clients come to me because their current copy just isn’t getting the job done…readers aren’t taking action and they aren’t … Continue reading

Stop Patting Yourself on the Back

When I was reading Adam Sherk’s list of the most overused buzzwords in press releases, it reminded me that most companies still don’t get it. They still don’t get that patting themselves on the back gets them nothing. They still … Continue reading

Overcoming Your Customer’s Objections and Points of Confusion

Whenever I interview a new client to help plan their copy, one of the questions I ask is this: What are some common of your customers’ concerns and questions they have when talking to you? Objections, points of confusion, etc. … Continue reading

The Problems with Using a Word Count in SEO Copywriting

As a freelance copywriter, a lot of the projects I work on involve SEO copywriting. Sometimes, I work with the client directly, and other times, an SEO company contracts the work out to me, giving me guidelines on what they … Continue reading