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Why I Never Do Spec Work

I’m a copywriter, but any type of freelancer knows about spec work. Whenever potential clients ask you to try your services first before deciding whether or not to hire you, that’s spec work. I refuse to do spec work. Here’s … Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing Sales Copy

Want to instantly improve your sales copy? Whether you’re writing a landing page or an email, here are 5 questions you need to ask yourself before you write a single word of sales copy.   What am I selling? No, … Continue reading

Does Your Copy Stumble Out Of The Starting Block?

One of the biggest copywriting mistakes you can make is to get your copy off to a bad start. If you don’t hook the customer right away, they’re not going to keep reading forward. There’s no time to get warmed … Continue reading

There’s No Substitute for Research in Copywriting

When you think about writing copy, you probably see it as a creative process, and for the most part, it is. But the creativity can’t be manufactured out of thin air. It needs to be fueled by something, and the … Continue reading

Writing Copy for a Mobile Site

Just when you finally got the art of writing website copy down, along comes something else new that you have to learn. Thanks to the abundance of smart phones, it has now become important for copywriters to know how to … Continue reading