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How to Truly Become an Expert in Your Field

We live in an age where consumers are skeptical of companies. The internet is full of scams and misinformation, and the customer just doesn’t believe anything anymore. It’s your job to earn their trust. The best way to do this … Continue reading

Could the Staples Ad Campaign be Any More Annoying?

If you’ve seen a Staples commercial during the past few months, you know this rant you’re about to read is justified. If you’ve yet to witness the most annoying commercials since Six Flags introduced that old man dancing to a … Continue reading

How to Improve Your Customer Service

If you can improve your customer service, you’ll increase client retention and create a more positive image for your brand. Simply put, excellent customer service is necessary for growing a successful business. And it’s not just enough to say “We … Continue reading

The Top 21 Super Bowl Ads for 2010

Although sites like Hulu and YouTube are allowing visitors to vote for their favorite 2010 Super Bowl commercial, BrandBowl 2010 decided to speed up the process of determining the most popular SuperBowl 44 commercials by monitoring and analyzing the large … Continue reading

7 Simple Rules for Keeping Your Customers Happy

Here are a few statistics I want you to consider: It costs 5 times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one Almost 70% of customers stop doing business if they receive poor service A … Continue reading