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People of Walmart – A Basic SEO Lesson

Have you seen the People of Walmart website? Perhaps, you’ve already contributed and uploaded a picture or two? I find it interesting how certain things go viral on the Internet. Typically, I see low grade YouTube videos or cheesy webpages … Continue reading

5 SEO Posts You Need to Read

(image from Brixr) I have been away from my computer for a couple of days (although I’ve still been connected to the Internet and my email through my iPhone), so when I sat down in front of it today, I … Continue reading

Get Bing SEO Guides, Tips, Tricks, and More

If you’re an SEO or simply a web developer, blogger, or online publisher, then understanding that in’s and out’s of Bing is important. For starters, it’s important to learn how and what you can do in order to rank well … Continue reading

Download The Brand New SEO WordPress Plugin Called SEO Nova

SEO, Inc. just released a brand new – and free – SEO WordPress plugin called SEO Nova. There are many different open source plugins available for WordPress; however, SEO, Inc. claims that their version provides better SEO compared to others … Continue reading

5 Article Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Article marketing is one of the oldest tools in the internet marketing toolbox. When done properly, it’s a highly effective way to build links to your website, to increase your online authority, to control the search rankings for top keywords, … Continue reading