The Importance of Consistency in Branding

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A constant mistake I see companies make is over-tinkering with their brand. Companies are always coming up with new reasons that they need to change their brands. The market is changing. Customers expect something different. Or…it’s just been a long time since we’ve done anything with the brand.

The truth is that brand shouldn’t change. Yes, times change and it’s important that your brand stays relevant, but that doesn’t require a complete overhaul. Brands should only be tweaked slightly to maintain relevance in the current marketplace. Their basic characteristics and message behind the brand shouldn’t change significantly.


Because consistency is how brands are built. Your customers can’t connect with your brand if it’s always changing. They won’t know who you are or what you stand for. And more importantly, a brand that’s always changing will never earn the customer’s trust.

Think about it like this. You meet a new person. The two of you get a long great. You like the same things, stand for the same values, etc. Then, you go to hang out with the same person a week later, and they’re completely different. They look different, talk different, believe different things…they’re not the same person. You wouldn’t feel the same about them anymore, would you?

Successful brands aren’t built overnight. They take years, even decades to build. And they’re built through consistency. Through years of consistent messaging, customers start to connect with brands and build relationships with them.

Consider Lexus. The brand has been a leader in luxury vehicles for years. Their branding hasn’t changed significantly the entire time. They’ve always stood for luxury and innovation. The endless pursuit of perfection.

It might seem boring that the brand has stayed the same, but that’s what works. When consumers want a luxury vehicle, they’re going to likely at least consider getting a Lexus.

If Lexus were to suddenly start releasing cheap cars for the average person, their brand would be diluted. Consumers would be confused, and the Lexus brand would inevitably suffer.

Consistency is the key to building your brand. Never forget that. And never change just for the sake of changing.


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The Importance of Consistency in Branding, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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