5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Spend More Time on PR

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I firmly believe that a sound public relations strategy should be a part of every company’s overall marketing efforts. Yes, it’s important to invest time and money in online (and even offline) marketing, but you shouldn’t ignore the value of getting press coverage for your company, whether it be an interview on a blog, a quote in the newspaper, or a feature on the news.

Here are 5 good reasons your company needs to spend more time and energy on PR.


  1. It costs very little—PR yields an amazing return on investment when you think about. Compare the cost of distributing a press release that lands you coverage in a magazine or on a blog to the price of buying ad space in the same publications. However, don’t think that simply sending out a press release one time will get you a load of media coverage.
  2. Press coverage builds credibility—People have grown resistant to advertising and marketing. They just don’t trust what companies say, but when they see your company getting positive coverage from the media, they’re likelier to believe the claims are true.
  3. You build deeper connections with your target market—A good news story about your company allows customers to connect with your company on a deeper level than they can with traditional advertisements. It puts your company in a different, more personal light.
  4. It’s good for SEO—PR and SEO go hand-in-hand. And I’m not just talking about publishing press releases on various directories. Getting coverage on blogs and other websites can be helpful for building links and improving your search rankings.
  5. Reusable marketing content—You can often repost and repurpose media coverage your brand has received. You might even be able to use “As seen on (insert media outlet here)…” in some of your marketing and advertising materials to further boost your credibility.

How much time and energy does your company put into PR?


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5 Reasons Your Company Needs to Spend More Time on PR, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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