Your Guide to Launching a New Blog

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Launching a new blog can seem like a monumental undertaking. Even if you know exactly what your blog’s niche will be, you still have to consider how to write engaging posts, how often to post, and most importantly, how to promote your new blog so that you’re not just blogging to yourself.

In an effort to make launching your new blog as simple as possible, I’ve come up with these guidelines for new bloggers to follow.

• Focus on finding your voice—Rather than worrying about hitting the front page of Digg with your first blog post (it’s not going to happen), focus on finding your voice as a blogger. The simple truth is that if you’re a new blogger, your first few posts probably won’t be your best work. That’s okay. Take advantage of this early stage of low visibility to find your voice as a blogger. Then, once you start to settle into a grove (after around 10 posts), you can begin to focus on truly promoting your new blog. Not only will you be a better blogger, but the backlog of posts will also make your blog look more established.

• Get an about page—You’re a new blogger. This means no one knows anything about you. Because successful blogging is all about building relationships, you need to let your new visitors get to know more about you. Write a short, descriptive “About” page that helps your audience get an idea of who you are and what your blog is about.

• Promote your RSS feed—As a blogger, your goal is to keep readers coming back. One way to do this is to promote your RSS and email subscriptions. Place these signup icons above the fold so that new readers can easily subscribe to your blog.

• Worry about advertising later—While it’s certainly nice to make a little money by blogging, I recommend waiting to add advertising to your blog until you’ve become more established. You should especially avoid those text-ads (AdSense) that just reek of spam. It devalues your content, and it gives others the appearance that you just started your blog to try to make money off of your readers.

• Comment on other blogs in your niche—Networking is crucial to building up a new blog. Start building connections with other bloggers and their readers by regularly commenting on their posts. Check out this post for more information on effective blog commenting.

• Give and get guest posts—To further build your network, you should try to both give and get guest blogging opportunities. Offer your fellow bloggers the chance to guest post on your blog, and ask them for the same opportunity. Guest posting does many things, but the 2 most important benefits are: 1) It exposes you to a whole new base of readers and 2) It instantly gives credibility to your new blog. It also doesn’t hurt your link building strategy either.

• Submit content to blog carnivals—Blog carnivals are essentially a collection of posts on a particular topic. It’s kind of like a magazine. Each edition contains links to various posts on the subject at hand, and they often include additional comments from the editor of the blog carnival. It’s a great way to increase your exposure and to build back links.


What did you do to grow your new blog? Share your best tips in the replies.

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Your Guide to Launching a New Blog, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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