Finding Your Perfect Writing Space

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Like many of you, I work from home. And with that comes the temptation to work from various spaces in my home—my bed, the couch, the patio, my desk, etc. I’ve found, however, that my productivity shifts depending on where I’m writing at in my home.

That’s why I’ve set up my own writing space. By having a defined space in my home where I sit down and write, I find that I’m able to focus better, be more productive, and produce better work.

Looking to setup your own writing space? Here are some tips to help you out.


  • Find an underused area of your home—Walk around your home to find a corner or maybe a spot by the window where there’s a little spare room. You don’t need a lot of space. You just need enough room for a small desk. Even in my one-bedroom apartment, I was able to find a space along a side wall in my bedroom.
  • Make sure the area is quiet and distraction-free—You don’t want your writing space to be near a TV or in a highly-trafficked area of the home. It needs to be in a space where you can be away from all the distractions so you can get the peace and quiet you need to focus on your writing.
  • Set your space up just the way you like it—This is your new writing space. You’re going to be spending a lot of time there. Make it just the way you want it. If you want a nice, comfortable office chair, get one. If you want to have some pictures of your loved ones on your desk, put them there. Design your perfect writing space.
  • Don’t use your writing space for anything else—Once you’ve setup your writing space, respect it. You should only be in that space when you’re writing—not when you’re surfing the web, talking on the phone, or doing anything else. The purpose of this is so that any time you sit down in that space, you’re in the right frame of mind for writing.
  • Let others know it’s your writing space—If you share your home with others, let them know about your writing space. Tell them politely that when you’re in your writing space, you can’t be disturbed. This will help reduce distractions, and it will keep you from getting frustrated with your housemates.


Do you have a writing space? Tell us about it by leaving a comment.



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