6 Signs Your Blog Is On Its Deathbed

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Not all blogs can live forever. In fact, most blogs die, and most blogs actually die young. Blogs usually don’t die overnight. The death is prolonged. You can see it coming if you know the signs to look for.

Here are 6 signs your blog is on its deathbed.


  1. Your traffic has been declining steadily—Over the lifetime of your blog, you’ll see spikes and dips in traffic. That’s par for the course, but when your traffic starts to decline steadily over a significant period of time, that’s cause for worry. It’s a sign that you’re losing your readers and becoming irrelevant. Time to rethink your strategies for promoting your content.
  2. You’re seeing more negative comments about the quality of your blog—Negative comments are fine. They’re unavoidable. However, if you’re starting to see fewer positive comments and more and more negative comments, specifically negative comments focused on the quality of your content, that’s a bad sign. It’s a sign that your quality is sagging and you need to step your game up.
  3. You aren’t getting any comments—Of course, the only thing worse than getting a lot of negative comments is to get no comments at all. If people aren’t commenting, that means your posts just aren’t getting any reaction out of them. You’re bland. And bland has no place in the blogging world.
  4. Your posting frequency is slower and slower—Is your blog starting to collect dust because you’re not posting as much? Look, I’ve never bought into the theory that you have to post daily to keep an audience. I say pick a posting frequency that works for you—one that you can keep up with so your audience knows when to expect new content. But if your posting frequency declines over time, it’s almost never a sign that things are going well.
  5. Promoting feels like a chore—Do you feel like you’re beating your head against a wall trying to drive traffic to your blog? Can’t seem to get over that hump no matter what you do? You might be witnessing the slow, painful death of your blog, unless you find a new way to promote your posts more effectively.
  6. You’ve lost your passion—I’ve long believed that passion is one of the most important ingredients required for building a successful blog that continues to grow over time. If you’ve lost your passion for the subject you’re blogging about, it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to keep growing your blog. A lack of passion usually precedes a blog’s death.


What are some other signs that a blog is dying?

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