5 Ways to Regain Passion for Your Blog

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Nearly 3 years ago, I wrote a post on here where I argued that passion is one of the most important ingredients of blogging. I still believe it. If I wasn’t passionate about marketing, I wouldn’t still be writing on this blog 3 years later. It’s something that I love, and every day, I continue to learn more and more about it. I hope that my passion for marketing comes through in my writing.

But what about those bloggers who find themselves losing their passion? Is there anything they can do to reignite that flame?  Maybe, but you have to work at it.

Here are 5 ways to regain passion for your blog.


  1. Recommit yourself to studying the subject—Learning ignites passion. Over time, it’s natural to slack off on your studying, but you have to push yourself to learn more. Follow the best blogs in your field. Read books from thought leaders. Study your own personal experiences in the field.
  2. Let guest posters bring new life to your blog—There are tons of bloggers out there who would love a chance to submit a guest post to your blog. Why not let them do it? Everyone wins. You get fresh content without having to lift a finger, and the new perspective could provide motivation. The blogger gets exposure. And your readers get great content, too.
  3. Mix up the format—As someone who spends about 8 hours a day writing, I know how easy it is to fall into a rut, writing the same type of content in the same way, over and over. It gets old fast. Try mixing things up. Do a video post. Create a podcast. If you normally write list-style posts, try a different format. This keeps things interesting for both you and your readers.
  4. Take a break—Working on your blog day in and day out for years at a time can be taxing for anybody. Sometimes, you just need a break from it all. Step away from your blog for a week or so. Schedule some posts or accept some guest posts, and get completely away from it. The break could do wonders for reigniting your passion.
  5. Set new goals for your blog—Without goals, you have no direction for your blog. You’ll grow stagnant, and you won’t see yourself making any progress. That’s why it’s so important for bloggers to constantly challenge themselves. You can set all types of goals for your blog: get 500 new subscribers in the next 6 months, write a post that gets 150 ReTweets, increase traffic by 20% in the next 4 months…the list goes on and on.


Have you lost your passion for blogging? 

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