4 Reasons Your Blog Could Use A Ghostwriter

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Ghost blogging has long been a controversial topic. Some people say that having someone blog under your name is deceptive and violates the authentic nature of social media, but others argue that ghostwriting is an age old practice that is totally ethical and offers a number of benefits.

As someone who does some ghost blogging for a few clients, I think you can guess fairly easily which side I’m on. I think, when handled responsibly, ghost blogging can be a great thing.

Here are just some of the reasons I’ve found people tend to hire ghost bloggers.


  1. You don’t have the time to write for your blog—Let’s face it, blogging takes time. If you update your blog even just a few times a week, it could take several hours to come up with content and get it posted on your blog. Your plate is probably already full as it is, so the last thing you have time for is another project. But with all of the benefits that blogging has to offer, you want to have a blog. That’s where hiring a ghost blogger can help. It gives you all the content you need with a minimal investment of time.
  2. You aren’t a great writer—Not everyone is skilled with the written word. Some people are terrible writers, and others might have the skills but just don’t enjoy writing. Hiring a professional ghost blogger helps ensure that you’re publishing the best possible content. Quality content will help you attract quality readers.
  3. You lack proper perspective—You know your brand and your industry pretty well, but you might actually be too close to it all. Often times, executives don’t truly understand what it is that their target audience cares about. A ghost blogger is approaching your company with an outsider’s perspective, which could be more in line with what your customers want to see.
  4. You don’t know how to build a good blog—If blogging is new to you, it could be in your best interest to let a professional help. Ghost bloggers know how to help create a blog that attracts readers. This way, you’re not just spinning your wheels, getting nowhere with your blog.


What’s your opinion on ghost blogging? Do you use a ghostwriter on your blog? Would you ever consider it?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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