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3 Reasons Some Bloggers Don’t Allow Guest Posts

Longtime readers of this blog will already know that I’m a big believer that bloggers should accept guests posts on their blog. I’ve run down some of my top reasons for accepting guest posts in the post, but to recap, … Continue reading

How to Make Sure You Hire the Right Ghost Blogger

You’re busy, and you might not have time to keep up with your blog. So, what are you to do? Shut your blog down and miss out on the chance to increase brand awareness, engage your target audience, drive traffic … Continue reading

6 Reasons You Should Be Publishing eBooks

Been thinking about writing an eBook? Not sure if it’s worth the time or effort? Here are 6 good reasons you should consider writing eBooks.   You can position yourself as an expert—When you have your name on a book, … Continue reading

7 Email Marketing Statistics That Will Give You Hope

Every year, we hear about the death of email. Marketers are dramatic like that. Something new comes up (social media marketing, mobile marketing, etc.), and they claim that something old has died as a result. We’ve been hearing about the … Continue reading

3 Mistakes to Avoid when Connecting with Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are those people whose Tweets and posts carry weight with a large audience of followers. When an influencer posts something positive about a product, his or her followers will notice and it can actually boost sales for … Continue reading